High power laser

At FysioKolding we have utilize a high power laser on 15 watt. With this powerful laser, we can accelletate your rehabilitation both in regards to acute and chronical problems, and often reduce chronical pain problems.

In some cases we can decraise pain enought that future laser that future treatment isn’t needed.

Laser theraphy can help on everything, and we mean EVERYTHING.


Portræt af Rikke Jensen
Portræt Rune Jensen

The theory behind it

The theory behind therapeutic laser is photobiomodulation, where the laser light affects right down to the cellular level. The cell’s power plants (the mitochondria) inside the cells are accelerated so that all processes take place much faster. They thereby produce more energy/fuel (ATP).

Therefore, with the laser therapy, we can shorten the healing time and the treatment time. At FysioKolding, possibly treatment with laser included in the price, as we do not want you as a patient to stand and assess whether you want to pay for laser treatment when the therapist suggests it.

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