Physioteraphy Kolding

Physiotherapy is a combination of our knowledge of anatomy, physiology and our movements, that all has been looking through a biopsychosocial lens to diagnose and treat a waste array of issues in the body.

As physiotherapists we mostly deal with the musculoskeletal system. Most of the time we approach an issue through a combination of manual treatment, trainings intervention and education.

At your first visit, our session will be 60 minutes (unless something else has been agreed appoint beforehand). You will go through a thoroughly examination, where try to delve underneath the symptoms and find the root cause of the issues, so we can start treating those.

The next treatments is normally around 30 minutes, where we continue the work from the treatment plan established at for first or second session.

If there is a need for more then a 30-minute treatment, it will be agreed upon beforehand, so you always know what to expect before you start your treatment.

The treatment may include:

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