Shock wave treatment

At FysioKolding, possibly treatment with Shockwave (ESWT). If we believe it is necessary to achieve the best result.

Shockwave is used for many different problems, but is particularly known for its effect on restoring mobility in the tissue and relieving pain. The powerful sound waves create small microfractures in the tissue and therefore increase the body’s own production of collagenous tissue. These sound waves can thus also break down tendon tissue that has become hard, such as with a heel spur.

Treatment with shockwave can be felt as the recognizable pain when you are active. Pain may occur during treatment, but it should not be unbearable, which is why communication between patient and therapist is extremely important. Typically, the shockwave is given somewhere between 3-6 times in total, and you will usually feel a relief in your symptoms a few hours after the treatment.

Contraindications for the use of shockwave: when using blood-thinning drugs, cancer, the first 6 weeks after a blockade (cortisone injection).

Nedenfor er få eksempler blandt mange på hvor vi med stor fordel kan bruge shockwave:

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