Accelerates the body's natural healing processes

Tecar is a treatment method that uses radio frequency technology to accelerate the body's natural healing process and treat acute, sub-acute and chronic problems.​

TECAR helps to activate and stimulate cell metabolism and restoration of the natural balance, so that a faster healing of damaged tissue is achieved.

TECAR is the most revolutionary treatment method in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Electromagnetic energy without radiation is used to penetrate deep into the body and provide precise and effective treatment for a wide range of medical conditions.

What does TECAR do to the body?

Stimulates tissue healing and reduces pain

TECAR treatment uses electrical currents and heat to stimulate tissue healing and reduce pain. The capacitive component improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which promotes the healing process by transporting nutrients and oxygen to the tissue. The resistive component produces heat that increases tissue temperature and metabolism, which activates biochemical reactions and increases tissue elasticity. Overall, TECAR treatment improves the healing process by increasing blood circulation, relieving inflammation and reducing muscle tension. It also relieves pain by reducing inflammation and increasing tissue flexibility. TECAR treatment must be performed by specially trained professionals and as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for optimal effectiveness.

Reduces inflammation

TECAR treatment reduces inflammation by improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which removes inflammatory substances and waste products from the affected area. The increased circulation helps transport anti-inflammatory substances and nutrients to the tissue, promoting the healing process. The heat generated by the TECAR treatment can also increase tissue temperature, which can have an anti-inflammatory effect. Overall, the TECAR treatment helps to reduce inflammation and promote the healing process. It is important to note that individual responses may vary and that TECAR treatment should always be performed under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Increases the volume and intensity of blood flow in the body

TECAR treatment increases the volume and intensity of blood flow in the body by using the capacitive component. The electric current creates an electric field that penetrates the tissue and stimulates the blood vessels to dilate. This expansion, known as vasodilation, increases blood flow in the area and improves the supply of oxygen, nutrients and hormones to the tissue. The increased blood flow helps remove waste products and inflammatory substances, which can reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process. It is important to remember that TECAR treatment should always be carried out under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Increased metabolism

TECAR treatment increases the body’s metabolism by stimulating the metabolism in the tissue. The resistive component of the treatment generates heat that increases the temperature of the tissue. This increased temperature activates biochemical processes and increases the rate at which cells metabolize nutrients and produce energy. The increased metabolic activity promotes the healing process as it provides the cells with the necessary resources to repair and regenerate damaged tissue. TECAR treatment thus contributes to improving the general function and healing capacity of the body by increasing metabolism at the cellular level.

Reduces scar tissue

TECAR treatment can potentially reduce scarring by promoting a healthy and efficient healing process. By improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, the TECAR treatment can help deliver nutrients and oxygen to the wound and remove waste products, promoting tissue healing. The anti-inflammatory effect of the treatment can reduce swelling and prevent excessive scarring. In addition, softening of the connective tissue and increased elasticity of collagen fibers can help prevent the formation of stiff and inelastic scars. However, it is important to remember that scar tissue formation is complex and results may vary depending on individual factors and the characteristics of the injury. TECAR treatment should be performed under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional.

"TECAR's main application in physiotherapy is the treatment of muscle and pain disorders as well as sports injuries."

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Some commonly treated conditions are:

Acute or chronic injuries/inflammation

Muscular pain

Joint pain


Tendinopathy (tendon overuse)

Inflammed bursa

Post operation rehab


Bone Fracture


Low back pain

Pelvic floor issues

The TECAR treatment stimulates and accelerates the natural process of regeneration and healing of damaged tissue. To reduce inflammation and pain and increase blood flow. TECAR therapy can be used to treat sports injuries, tendinitis, joint pain and even some chronic conditions.

TECAR is an effective solution when you want to:

Accelerated treatment processes

Reduce inflammation

Relieve pain

Make scares less visible

Stimulate movement

Tightening of skin

Recurring pain relife

Reduce cellulitis

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