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When you practice sport at a higher level, whether it is at hobby or elite level, it is a really good idea to spar with a sports physiotherapist. At FysioKolding, we have over time worked with many athletes who either made a living from their sport or simply had a desire to do the best they could.

As a sports physiotherapist, we help you to achieve better results through an increased focus on the body’s abilities. In concrete terms, this means that we help your body physically to achieve better results – and not least to avoid injuries that can have a huge impact on your sporting life. If you already have a sports injury that prevents you from current training, we also help with rehabilitation and treatment.

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Experienced sports physiotherapists

At PhysioKolding, we have extensive experience in sports physiotherapy, where i.a. physiotherapist Rikke Jensen has worked as a sports physiotherapist for KIF Kolding Copenhagen, and today is associated with Kolding Realskole Elitelinke and Ågård sports and gymnastics secondary school.

We can therefore undoubtedly help you both in treating and preventing sports injuries. It is therefore also possible to come to sports physiotherapy, even if you do not have problems with sports injuries, as we can help you prevent injuries that can prevent further development.

We always tailor our treatments to your needs, so you get what you need to perform at your best when you need to. You can therefore also be sure that we will always use our specialist knowledge to create the best sporting conditions for you, regardless of whether your course with us deals with a current injury or injury prevention.

If you want a non-binding chat about how a sports physiotherapist can help you create better results in the world of sports, you are always welcome to contact us by phone or email.

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