Personlig trainer Kolding

Do you want to increase strength, weight or have a weight loss course?

Take action today!

As a personal trainer in Kolding, we can tailor individual courses that are adapted to your needs both in relation to ambitions and financial ability.

A scenario could be if you only want to have a program that changes every 4-6 weeks and communication by email continuously.

Another could be that you want 1 weekly training in e.g. 10-16 weeks and thus obtain constant monitoring of the development, whether it is weight loss or increase in muscle mass.

With both weight loss and weight gain, it is expected that you are prepared to change your everyday life to either consume fewer or more calories.

We are aware that it can be difficult to completely change one’s life in relation to diet and we therefore strive to make it as natural as possible for people to achieve big changes with small corrections and thus lifestyle changes in everyday life.

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