Our vision

At FysioKolding, we see everyone as elite individuals. We give equal priority to all forms of treatment, as we know how important it is that the body functions optimally in order to achieve the right quality of life. In our daily work, we use a number of different resources so that our patients can quickly and efficiently achieve their goals and return to everyday life without pain and with full functionality.

This means that we often use several forms of treatment such as acupuncture, high power laser and Podosmart without extra charge. These are services that, with most other physiotherapists, are associated with additional costs.

We have deliberately chosen to include most forms of treatment in the price when we recommend a specific treatment. We have done this because we want the treatment that we recommend and provide to be transparent as possible, with a minimum of additional cost.

The patient is always our focus. That is why we consider it our noblest task to help everyone who approaches. If, contrary to expectations, we cannot offer the right treatment, we will provide a referral to other treatment facilities.

Portræt af Rikke Jensen

Rikke Jensen

Hi, I'm a Physiotherapist and owner of FysioKolding.

I am a former physiotherapist for KIF Kolding Copenhagen.

I am currently associated with:

- Kolding Secondary School Elite line

- Ågård sports and gymnastics secondary school​

Portræt Rune Jensen

Rune Jensen

Hi, I'm a physiotherapist with a focus on:

Personal training

Chronical Pain

Nutritionist specializing in weight loss

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